Technology, Privacy and Data Protection

In an effort to advance and defend the right to privacy, the Firm takes a strong stance on the signi cance of data protection and cyber security. We are skilled in providing legal advice on the implications of technical breakthroughs in the areas of fintech, cybersecurity, computer crimes, privacy concerns, and data protection.

Our Advocates are specially trained in various national and regional laws including those relating to data privacy, technology and data governance. Simba & Simba acts as the Data Protection Officer for a number of its Clients. We have expertise in Municipal Data Protection Laws (Data Protection Act 2019 & Regulation), the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Technology Law, Digital Forensics, and Cyber Based Evidence.

FinTech (Finance & Technology) companies are shaping the financial Landscape in practice. We advise Clients on setting up, maintaining, and running their businesses within this sector. We equally advise on potential risks and mitigation strategies that may be deployed so as to deal with associated risks. We also advise on various considerations to make in venturing into Fin Tech including, regulatory compliance, tax implications, insurance and dispute resolution.

Some of our work highlights include:

  • Conducting a Data Impact Assessment, for one of the leading Administrators /Actuaries in the Kenyan pension industry.
  • Preparation of data protection manuals and policies for international NGOs based in Kenya.
  • Sensitizing our Corporate Clients on Data Protection Laws and advising on their cybersecurity preparedness, incident response, and post-breach investigation.
  • Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments, Data Minimization
  • Reviews and Compliance Legal Audits.
  • Advising foreign companies in the Kenyan Fintech sector on the various laws and practice guidelines that affect their operations.
  • Assisting our Clients in Data Mapping to facilitate data management tasks within