Tax Laws

Our team is well acquainted with various national and regional tax regimes. Tax heads covered include Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Excise Duty.

We offer a wide array of services to both local and international clients in various sectors including:

  1. Tax Advisory – The advice captures the tax implications of a corporate deal and goes hand in hand with corporate reorganization and/or restructuring where clients are concerned with efficient tax practices in compliance with tax laws.
  2. Tax Dispute Resolution – Tax audits by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) are almost inevitable and so is adjudication for disputed taxes. Depending on the nature of the dispute, we represent clients incomplex tax disputes by advising on the options available in case of a dispute with the KRA and representing them at the respective dispute resolution forums.
  3. Tax Due Diligence –- The Tax Division plays a pivotal role in conducting due diligence on the various taxes that a target (particularly in a Mergers & Acquisitions deal) is subject to, preparing a Tax Deed, and negotiating tax warranties and indemnities.

Among the many transactions, we have handled include:

  • Acting for a foreign company in opposition of a USD 700,000 tax assessment by KRA.
  • Acting for a multinational insurance broker in a transfer of business and extra income arrangement and advising on foreseeable tax implications and various tax planning options.
  • Advising a foreign investor on the legal and tax implications of setting up a rent-to-own property model in Kenya.