Industry Support

Our multidisciplinary team of Advocates stays abreast of and is often involved in developing, legislation, regulations, guidance and consensus- based industry standards affecting numerous industries. Many of our team members have previous experience working in industry, trade associations, agencies, and leadership positions in the regulatory space.

We offer legal support to Clients from different sectors and industries such as Industrial and Manufacturing, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Education, Sports and Entertainment, Aviation, Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas.

We understand the complexities of Education Law and assist key stakeholders to navigate the constitutional and civil aspects of the Education sector with regard to personnel and employment, board governance, student rights, as well as  nance and facilities.

We offer advice on all facets of the regulation of pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare centres, medical practitioners and staff, as well as medical schemes and insurance.

We cater to Clients from various categories of domestic and international aviation. The aviation industry plays a critical role in international trade and development thus it is dynamic and ever-changing.

We leverage our skills as a leading full-service law  rm to give industry informed counsel on renewable energy, and oil and gas projects in addition to providing premier strategic guidance on the swift and disruptive evolution of the energy sector.

We assist Clients to resolve sports-related con ict using negotiation, mediation, and litigation as well as represent Clients before the Sports Tribunal, and Court of Arbitration for Sports.