Our multidisciplinary team of Advocates stays abreast of and is often involved in developing legislation, regulations, guidance, and consensus-based industry standards affecting numerous industries. Many of our team members have previous experience working in the industry, trade associations, agencies, and leadership positions in the regulatory space.

We acknowledge that a clean and protected environment presents numerous benefits for our immediate future as well as for generations to come. We, therefore, advise Clients on best practices adhering to the Constitution of Kenya, international agreements and treaties, the Environmental Management and Coordination Act, and other sector-specific regulations and policies.

The comprehensive experience of our Environmental Team includes issues such as redevelopment project permits, drafting environmental regulations, environmental planning and audits, project risk assessment with regard to Environmental Impact Assessment reports, and regulatory requirements.

We offer advice to developers and other property dealers as to the regulations regarding their enterprises and how best to proceed in keeping with the environmental regulations in place.

We also counsel and work for major regulatory bodies as to the conduct and approach to all the legal issues touching on the environment. We have also appeared in several instances for our clients before the National Environmental Tribunal.

Our Clients comprise private and public entities who rely on our advice to resolve conflicts concerning natural resources. We are also involved in environmental litigation before the National Environmental Tribunal, the Environment Land Court, and the superior courts.