With our leadership in complex, cross-border banking and finance transactions for some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions and corporations across the full spectrum of legal banking and finance matters (MEAN), our clients rely on us for legal advice on banking and finance issues for lenders, borrowers, issuers and underwriters.

We have extensive experience in structuring and negotiating a wide range of financial transactions which include:

  • bilateral and syndicated credit facilities,
  • asset-based lending,
  • finance for real estate,
  • acquisitions,
  • receivables,
  • projects,
  • equipment leasing and finance,
  • trade, and other structured finance.

We advise creditors on how best to navigate restructurings, insolvency filings, and receivership appointments.

As innovators in the field of securitization, we respond to our client’s unique needs particularly with “whole business” securitization.

FinTech (Finance & Technology) companies are shaping the financial Landscape in practice. We advise Clients on setting up, maintaining, and running their businesses within this sector. We equally advise on potential risks and mitigation strategies that may be deployed so as to deal with associated risks. We also advise on various considerations to make in venturing into Fin Tech including, regulatory compliance, tax implications, insurance, and dispute resolution.