Agreements * Securitization * Secretarial * Mergers & Acquisitions * Amendments

The Corporate and Business Law Division in the Commercial Law Department has wide and extensive experience in acting for both corporate and other clients engaged in all sectors of the economy. The Firm deals with the incorporation of companies and business enterprises; the preparation, perusal, authentication and witnessing of commercial contracts and agreements; loan agreements; the drafting and perusal of banking securities that involve companies such as debentures; share purchase Agreements and shareholders’ Agreements.

The Firm also provides legal advice as necessary to its clients in the various business areas that such clients are involved in.

The Firm has conducted Legal Due Diligence for clients and advised clients wishing to list shares on the Securities Exchange.

We have advised clients on the issuance of Scrip Dividend and any other matters relating to Capital Markets. We also advise clients on good corporate governance.

Through this Division we act for several corporate clients that include banks, financial institutions, companies listed on the Securities Exchange, insurance companies among others.

We also advise and assist companies in complying with all legal and legal related requirements to operationalize businesses in Kenya and within the East African Region.